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The Philosophy of Brand Hydraulics


Customer Service 

At Brand, our well-trained and responsive staff is always ready and able to answer or help with any questions or problems you may have. No customer is too small. No question goes unanswered. We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers -- before and long after the sale.  


Your Brand Team of experienced personnel is willing and able to make modifications to existing products to fit your specific applications -- something other hydraulic manufacturers are not always willing to do. It's all part of going the extra mile for our customers. We expect nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. 




Quality Assurance 

Before we manufacture any hydraulic valve or component, it must meet the high standard the Brand name demands. We stand behind every product that leaves our doors. Each one carefully designed, tested, re-tested, checked and rechecked until we are 100% satisfied it meets stringent performance standards and exact specifications. Our advanced technology and up-to-date training assures you get the very best people putting together the very best product available.  


Face to Face 

We would be glad to send one of our engineers to visit you or your customers and discuss applications. We'd also be more than happy to put on a sales seminar and give you a tour of our facilities at your convenience. Just give us a call. (402) 344-4434. 

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