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Series 34

General Information

The Brand, Series 34 Sectional Directional Control Valves are assembled to meet our customer’s requirements for up to twelve individual applications per assembly. Brand Hydraulics does not charge anything extra for this process and assembly is priced solely on the overall sum of the prices of its components.

When assembled in their normal manner the series 34 spool sections are in parallel. When the spools are in neutral position the flow passes by each spool and then onto the tank (outlet) port. If two or more spools are shifted simultaneously their work ports are in parallel, and the oil flow will take the path of least resistance allowing lighter loads to move first. All spool sections are cast with metering notches, and have a high “handle vs. spool” movement ratio, resulting in good metering capability. Input flow can be divided among several circuits (spool sections) by feathering the spools. Series 34 spool sections may also operate in series by installing a series block in between each spool section. Please note that when using series blocks in an assembly it is necessary to use a drain block immediately after the inlet in order for the inlet’s relief to function correctly.

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