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Series 36

General Information

The Brand, Series 36 Electric Sectional Directional Control Valves are assembled to meet our customerís requirements for up to twelve individual applications per assembly. Brand Hydraulics does not charge extra for this assembly process, an assembly is priced solely on the overall sum of the prices of its components. The Series 36 is available with electric unloading in the inlet section. The flow goes directly to tank in the neutral condition. Neutral flow does not pass through the spool sections; therefore, the neutral pressure drop to tank remains low and constant regardless of the number of spool sections. This neutral path is closed whenever a section is activated. If two or more spools are shifted simultaneously, then the spool sections are in parallel. In parallel the flow will take the path of least resistance and the lightest load will move first. The spools are shifted by solenoid controlled pilot valves. This method assures positive shifting and it also minimizes the amperage draw.

It is common to have applications where high flow (above 15 gpm (56.7 lpm)) is needed out some sections and low flow (below 15 gpm (56.7 lpm)) is needed out other sections. The Series 38 can be used for high flow and the Series 36 can be used for low flow. Series 36 and Series 38 sections can be stacked together to meet both flow requirements. Any combination up to twelve sections can be assembled. (See Series 38 literature for more details)

Flow can be controlled by machining a pocket in the pressure line so that an orifice plate can fit between the spool sections. If more than one orifice is used in an assembly, then they must be arranged with the largest orifice first (closest to the inlet). We also offer individual orifice plates to restrict the flow out of a work port.

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